Why Petrol Price Is High In India

Petrol is the basic need for humans these days. While you are running a motorbike or a car. All you need to ride over from one place to another is petroleum. Not only in India rather in different parts of this world they use to go through it. They must have a question on their … Read more

Solar Eclipse 2019 December India

Solar eclipse of December 26, 2019

In 2019 when the entire world was suffering from the Covid Pandemic then a special natural event had happened that grabbed the headlines. SolarΒ eclipseΒ 2019Β DecemberΒ India everybody had kept an eye on it curiously to know how theΒ Solar eclipse of December 26, 2019, is going to be magical. In India, people more believe in natural power and … Read more

Social Movements In India

indian social movements in india

Tribe, color, creed, dialects, geographies, and other factors have all contributed to the rigid class nature of Indian people. Dictatorial regimes strive to build a fairer global structure overall that originated social movements in India. Β Nonetheless, there are counteract groups that reject these endeavors and do what they can to remain in power. The history … Read more