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What Are Universal Passes? Here’s A Full Guide

Universal Passes

The covid-pandemic period was such a difficult time. Unfortunately, it’s been harder to readjust to daily life after covid-pandemic. Traveling is such a big problem. The Maharashtra government established the universal passes or QR Code pass system, which was granted to healthcare professionals and critical services and acted as their identity card, to facilitate their […]

Amrit Mahotsav Of Independence And Har Ghar Tiranga Certificate

Har Ghar Tiranga Certificate

The government is encouraging people to fly the national flag at home and post photos online. The government is awarding har ghar tiranga certificate to honor the public’s engagement in the campaign and helping it become a great victory. The Har Ghar Tiranga campaign was initiated by the government as a part of the Azadi […]

Golden Retriever Price In India And Dogs Information

golden retriever price

The golden retriever is the most famous dog breed globally. The majority of new dog owners choose it as their first pet. You should be aware of several characteristics of this cute dog breed. They can be kept as household dogs, guide dogs, or sniffer dogs. You will learn more about golden retriever price in […]

Types Of Pomeranian Dog Price In India 2022

Pomeranian dog price in India

Are you a dog lover and looking for a perfect pet for your home? Then one breed that must be on your list is Pomeranian. This cute small dog breed is perfect as a home pet. They easily mixed up with your family and also needs less maintenance as compared to other popular dog breeds […]

Why Indian Culture Is Famous In The World?

Why Indian Culture Is Famous In The World

One of the reasons why Indian culture is famous in the world is that it is based on an ancient philosophy of karma. The concept of karma says that we are all responsible for the conditions we have in this life. This will teach that we will die and reincarnate, therefore, we should accept our […]

Upgrade Your Beauty With Different Types Of Mehandi Design

Different type of mehndi

It doesn’t matter if it is a Wedding, festival, Anniversary, Rakhi, or any other special event Several of the greatest popular things that people enjoy wearing is mehandi design. It genuinely improves everyone’s appearance.Β  Mehndi can now be found in a variety of ways. People frequently put mehndi to their bald heads to make it […]

Modern Baby Boy Names Hindu Culture

modern baby boy names Hindu

We all know that the most intelligent creation of God on the earth is a human being. Humans have the quality to develop new things so they made languages to communicate. To address each other through which they use to be identified in words they invented names that are the unique creation of humans. We […]

Adorn Your Home With Beautiful Rangoli And Its Composition

Rangoli for Diwali

Rangoli is a colorful ceremonial decoration that is also thought to bring best wishes. Nepal, India, and Bangladesh are the originators of the whole aesthetic genre. Designs sometimes referred to as Alpana, are assemble mostly on the surface with multicolored blossoms, rice, watercolors, or colorful sand. During celebrations, contests are amongst the most interesting attractions. […]