How One Can Remove The Password From A Protected PDF File

It is very common to encounter a PDF file that is password protected and you need to use the file frequently. It becomes very uncomfortable to enter a password again and again. How to remove password from pdf ? Also, if you want to share the PDF with someone who is not tech-savvy, a Password-protected PDF is a big challenge.

Donโ€™t worry, we are here to help you with a solution to deal with this situation in a very simple way. In this article, you will find how to remove passwords from PDF files on different devices and Operating Systems. Here are the steps:

Steps to Remove Password on Android Devices

  • Google Play has a free app, called โ€œPDF utilityโ€ that you have to setup
  • Ensure you’ve previously obtained the PDF document whose password you wish to delete
  • When you open the app, on the first screen you have to click on the โ€œSelectโ€ option
  • After choosing the PDF file click on the โ€œStartโ€ option. Then you will receive a pop-up in which you have to input the password of that PDF file. Then click on โ€œOkโ€
  • After this step, the password is removed from the PDF file and you can freely use it without any password next time from the same location where you saved it

The above is the easiest way following which you can remove password from PDF. Whenever you wish to know how to remove PDF password you can visit this page to refresh your memories and steps for how to remove password protection from PDF files on an Android Device.

Steps to Remove Password on PDF in iPhone

  • Using your iPhone, install and configure โ€œPDF Expertโ€. Although it is not a free tool, you can use for free using the trial versionย 
  • Choose the Documents category using the menu bar and find the PDF file you wish to remove the password on
  • To remove the password, click upon that three-dots symbol throughout the upper side, select Modify Password, and then click onย Remove Password
  • It will remove the password protection from the PDF file, so you won’t have to provide that next time you want to access it

Steps to Disable Password from PDF with Chrome Browser

  • You can use this method on both platforms i.e., Windows and Mac devices
  • Open Google Chrome browser, download your PDF file. No matter where you have saved your PDF file. It can be in Gmail, Google Drive, or over some non-Google cloud platform like Dropbox, OneDrive, etc. – simply access it in the Web browser
  • Go to the PDF file and open the document using your current password
  • Now use the print command. If you are using a Mac base device then you can add an instruction, โ€œ+ Pโ€. If you are using a Windows device then you can use, โ€œCtrl + Pโ€. You can also use the Print option placed on the top
  • Now set the destination as โ€œSave as PDFโ€ and click on Save
  • Using this, your PDF would be automatically saved to the systemโ€™s Hard Drive without Password protection
  • You will now be able to access the PDF file without any password
  • This way you can do the same process in different browsers such as Safari, Firefox, Opera, within

Steps to Remove Password from PDF through Mac

  • Apart from the above-mentioned method alternatively you can download pdf in Mac Device
  • Visit finder, place your file and preview it
  • Open your PDF file using a password
  • Choose the fileย >ย Change the file into PDFย > Rename the document and fix the path >ย Save it
  • Now, the new PDF file that you have saved is free of password

Steps to remove Password from PDF through Acrobat DC

  • You can use this method if you have a licensed Adobe Acrobat Pro DC
  • Open the PDF file using password through Adobe Acrobat Pro DC
  • Once you open the file, choose theย Lock option to the left, and throughย Security Settings, Select theย Permission Details
  • When you are done, select the Security option > Fix the Security Option to place No Security and then select the OK option to disable the password
  • Then, open theย Fileย >ย Save it and enjoy with your PDF file without any password
  • This method can be used on both Windows or Mac devices

How to Remove the encryption from PDF File

  • For this one need to have some technical knowledge and specific tool.ย 
  • You need to have the public key to decrypt an encrypted file to view or read it
  • If you want to remove the encryption, you need the same Private Key that was used to encrypt the PDF file. Without the Private of Public key, it is not possible to access an encrypted PDF file or any file for that matter


You can remove password protection from PDF from any type of device using different methods. One can know how to remove password from PDF files using devices or platforms like iPhone, Google Chrome, Mac, Adobe Acrobat DC, etc. from this Article.

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