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Since about July 9, 2021, YouTube Rewind 2018 has had almost 7.1 million higher dislikes surpassing Justin Bieber’s Baby, making it theΒ most disliked video on YouTube. Baby, that had 1.17 million hates at the time, was exceeded in March 2011 by even the clip from Rebecca Black’s Friday, which also had over 1.2 million hates.

Most Liked Non-Music Video on YouTube

PewDiePie’s “Can this video hit 1 million likes” remains the overall most liked non-music video on YouTube according to the report of May 2021. It covers 5.74 million likes.

What is the Top Disliked Video?

Since about July 9, 2021, YouTube Rewind 2018 has had almost 7.1 million additional dislikes than Justin Bieber’s Baby, making this itsΒ most disliked video.

Most Disliked YouTube Videos

YouTube Rewind 2018: Everyone Controls Rewind, Baby shark dance, Sadak 2 trailer, etc., areΒ the most disliked YouTube videos.

For your clean knowledge YouTube Rewind 2018″ is theΒ most disliked video on YouTube according to the 2021 report. This video has been disliked by 86.50% of people.

The Most Disliked Video on YouTube

YouTube Rewind 2018 has almost 7.1 million more dislikes in comparison to Justin Bieber’s Baby since around July 9, 2021, making itΒ the disliked video on YouTube. Baby, which had 1.17 million hates at the time, was overtaken in March 2011 by the clip for Rebecca Black’s Friday, which also had over 1.2 million hates.

About Some Most Disliked YouTube Video on Youtube

According to the hits of likes and dislikes on a YouTube video, we decide which video is the most liked or disliked video on YouTube. Here are a few most unliked clips on YouTube.

YouTube Rewind 2018

Something that between the billions of YouTube videos has received far more dislikes in 2019? The outcome is the YouTube Rewind 2018 video, which received 194 million views after being released on December 6, 2018.Β YouTube Rewind 2018 has around 7.1 million additional dislikes, unlike Justin Bieber’s Baby just since July 9, 2021.

Sadak 2 Trailer

A Bihar resident lodged a petition only against the film’s producers in July 2020, alleging that perhaps the movie’s advertising contained a picture of Kailash Man Sarovar, that “hurt Hindu emotions.” The movie’s trailer was also panned by the Vishva Hindu Parishad for identical grounds. As a result, Sadak 2 Trailer is among the most despised videos.

Baby Shark Dance

The song’s contents were initially criticized by a local Korean publication for reinforcing gender norms. This video, on the other hand, was well-received. However, because of that Korean publication’s declaration, it was also the least disliked video. As a result, Baby Shark Dance is on the listing of clips that people despise.


It’s despised since the music is amusing. He keeps repeating the phrase “baby” throughout the song, which is a little tiresome. MostΒ disliked video on youtube Also, several, if not the majority of people, claim that he sounded like a lady in the song. As a result, most people despised this clip. As a result, it is on the top of its most despised video clips.

Jonny Jonny Yes Papa

Everybody who has spent time on Twitter in the previous six months must be aware of this.Β However, in YouTube’s favor, this does smack. So, it is on the list of disliked videos.

YouTube rewind 2019: For the Record

1000s of unhappy YouTube users have commented on the “Rewind 2019” video, which has roughly 250,000 dislikes contrasted to 150,000 likes. As a result, YouTube rewind 2019: For both the moment, it ranks among the worst despised videos.

Learning Colors- colorful Eggs on a Farm

The shell β€œLearning Colours – Colourful Eggs on a Farm” has a dislike rating of 7.32 million. The audio track utilized in this clip is the primary basis for the vid’s widespread hatred on YouTube. In addition, this video has received my disapproval. Hence it is among the most disliked videos.

Bath Song

Bath Song has 6.7 million hates on YouTube; while this clip is superior to the Russian first one, it does have a large number of dislikes. In this clip, children waste a lot more soap and Orcus, and both are not cheap. This is why it is mostly on top of its most despised clips.

Lakdi Ki Kathi

That track is in perfect condition. β€œLakdi ki Kathi” is a song from the 1983 movie Masoom, that is admired by all Indians. However, in Jingle Toons’ “Lakdi ki Kathi,” there is indeed a large stick in the location where the children are attempting to sit. This may aggravate the kids, causing them to suffer. Thus, it is among the most disliked videos.

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