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Udaariyaan is one of the most famous Indian daily soap TV shows whose new episodes air from 7 pm to 7:30 pm, Mon to Sat. The first serial episode aired on March 15th, 2021, and Sargun Mehta and Ravi Dubey produced it, as well as very popular actors. Since the show went on air, it has received so much love and gratitude from fans and critics. This article will provide the udaariyaan written update of their recent storylines and episodes.Β 

The story of the show is about Punjab and is a romantic tale. The plot of the program centers around three distinct personalities, Fateh, Jasmine, and Tejo, and their hopes and objectives. Which stars Ankit Gupta, Isha Malviya, and Priyanka Choudhary as starring characters.Β 

What Makes Udaariyaan so Popular?

Udaariyaan is a fantastic sequence of hopes and ambitions which comprises a highly enjoyable and engaging love tale. The show leads pursue their dreams rather than having many issues with others.

That is why this program is so beloved; it teaches people to pursue their ambitions rather than chase after everyone else.

Everyone should watch this show to grasp this stuff. If you don’t have time to see the show, you can read the written episode of udaariyaan.

What are the Top Sites to get Udaariyaan Written Updates?

Udaariyaan is a great series as this show is not like any other typical saas-bahu planning show. And it was watched by many people. But some people didn’t have enough time to watch the show. For them, there are many websites which are providing udaariyaan written updates.

Here are the top sites where you can get udaariyaan written updates.

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Character Overview

The producers of this show have worked hard and created some amazing characters. These characters get immense love from the audience. The main characters of this series are Fateh, Tejo, and Jasmine. Let’s take a look at these characters.

In the udaariyaan series, Ankit Gupta portrays Fateh’s character, the male lead. Fateh is a nice, intelligent, and enthusiastic boxer.

He is secretly in love with Jasmine and doesn’t want to stay in his hometown. Fateh is prepared to fly to Canada to help Jasmine in accomplishing her dream because he wants to be with her.

He still runs across Tejo, though, and they have a hate relationship.

Ankit Gupta had to build a body, look fit, and practice his Punjabi to get inside the character’s head. There couldn’t have been better for me to start on this incredible journey as it is his first show as a lead.

The stunning actress Priyanka Choudhary portrays Tejo’s role in the Udaariyaan show, and her character is very different from the other two main stars. The character captured her heart right away, and she have been working hard to do it credit ever since.

Tejo has high aspirations and is concerned about her small-town neighbors and family. She wants to live in harmony and to do something in life.

Tejo accepts to marry Jass since she also loves her parents and wants the best for them. She wishes to remain living in Punjab, unlike others and is the complete opposite of her sister Jasmine.

Isha Malviya who portrays Jasmine’s character in the series. She’s making her television debut. And this was her dream debut.Β 

Jasmine is a quirky, aspirational person who isn’t afraid to fight for what she wants. And she also has a fun-loving nature. Her ultimate goal is to wed an NRI, move to Canada, and live the dream.

She isn’t concerned with her education or her future employment and is constantly hoping to leave her own country. She is also highly concerned about how she looks and becomes very angry when she is eliminated from a beauty contest.

Serial Overview

Udaariyaan is a narrative about two sisters, in which the youngest sister vision her elder sister’s life as very tough and complicated. Fateh Singh Virk, a son of the politically linked Virk family from the neighboring village, provides faith for the family.

Fateh’s family has deep roots in Punjab. To fuel the enthusiasm of nationalists, the family has vowed never to take their kids outside of India. However, Fateh has some different and dangerous plans on the other hand.

Udaariyaan tells the narrative of two women who conquer their differences and finds happiness in one another. The show is an uplifting tale about how confidence and trust can alter things in a moment and make our lives brighter than they were beforehand.

Makers of the Udaariyaan shows not only concentrate on providing their viewers enjoyment in their leisure time, but they also focus on educating them and advocating for the rights and powers of women in this society.Β 

In Udaariyaan, an allegory for the fight against hatred, injustice is defeated when love triumphs over hate. Peace reigns supreme in a land that suffers from violence and conflict.

Why do People Love to Watch Udaariyaan Show?

This show does not only strive to provide entertainment for people in their free time but also an educational experience and advocacy for women’s rights. Like many other stories before it, Udaariyaan tells the story of love overcoming hate; hope defeating despair; knowledge overpowering ignorance; peace prevailing over violence.


Udaariyaan is a brilliant series. We know that the trIp of this show now declines because Angad Maan’s character becomes negative. Soon it will be fine. For then, if you don’t want to watch the series on-screen, you can read the latest udaariyaan written updates on the above-listed sites.Β 

In addition, these sites provide you with written episodes of udaariyaan which sounds good for those who don’t have enough time to watch the episodes.

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