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Mathematics is considered to very important in human lives. Using mathematical concepts and knowledge can help the students to solve complex problems. When it comes to maths as a subject then at class 11 one will face complicated problems and they need to solve them easily.

One can take help from the class 11 Maths NCERT book and practice the subject on a regular basis when they are preparing for the Maths examination. When it comes to higher maths skills, different cognitive tasks and visual attention, along with decision making are involved here. Hence, solving a maths problem is not only for the examination purpose but it also helps one to sharpen the student’s brain.

All Chapters need Practice

Class 11 maths ch 16 comes with different calculation and formulas and all of them require extensive practice to simplify. A maths textbook of a class 11 CBSE board includes chapters like – Sequence and Series, Introduction to 3 Dimensional Geometry, Permutations and Combinations, Mathematical Reasoning and many more.

Each of these chapters contains a set of questions at the end and the students need to solve all of them once they understand the concept of the chapter. Students can find it quite confusing and difficult to solve complex mathematical questions. They sometimes also fail to communicate their doubts to the school teachers. In these cases, an NCERT solution book can be of great help. They provide all the solved answers from all the chapters of the class 11 maths textbook.

Why NCERT solutions are helpful?

This is because; they contain all the detailed answers along with the explanatory diagrams and illustrations which are completely based on maths textbooks. The solutions are written in a student oriented language and it becomes easier for the students to prepare for the mathematics examination. The chapter wise NCERT solutions for class 11 maths always follow the CBSE in order to make the students examination ready. They can guarantee success and achievements to students and the solutions also help in an overall mental development of them.

Class 11 means the examinations are conducted by the schools as a stepping stone to one’s professional career. Scoring good marks in Mathematics can be easy if one knows how to prepare for the examination.

Tips to get some good marks in the Examination

Do you want to score good marks in class 11 mathematical examination? If the answer is yes, then one has to follow a few tips in order to achieve success. Here are some of them:

Plan Accordingly

Much before examination, a student should start making a checklist. This should be in the form of a subject where one can divide the subjects in their respective chapters. After that, one can just start focusing on topics in which they are confident and practice all the exam based questions as possible. Once practicing these chapters are finished, one should start focusing on the chapters in which they are weak. They must start making notes on these topics and then start practicing all the question from the previous year’s paper. One should also keep updating the chapters in the checklist so that one can keep a note on their daily and weekly progresses.Β 

Make Notes

If one studies on a regular basis and can complete the syllabus of CBSE class 11 Maths right on time, then half the game is already won. One must complete the projects, practical and the assignments on the day they have been assigned it to do and complete them. Start with the easier chapters and then gradually proceed to the topics that one finds more difficult. When one has their basics brushed up, then even the most difficult topics will come down to easier and simpler concepts.

Solve Sample Papers

This is another crucial part of daily mathematics practices. By solving the sample papers, the students can get a good practice for the final examination. One must try to solve the previous year’s questions as well. It will help one to get an idea of the question pattern and the marking scheme as well.

Read the Question Paper

Before starting to solve the maths question paper, one should be sure that they have gone through the question paper properly. While doing that, they must check the questions which they can attempt and solve quite easily. Then one must start solving those problems which they are sure about and can do fast. This will help them to save time for the other questions. If a question has a good weightage, then one must attempt that question without a miss.

One can also take help from Infinity Learn when they are practicing maths for upcoming examination. Apart from taking preparations on a daily basis, one must not forget to take a break in between their studies. It can keep the mind clear.

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