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Rummy has been a constantly popular game. But with the rise of the internet, the craze for Rummy games rose higher. Deccan Rummy game is a popular and smooth platform with millions of players waiting to compete with each other across India. It does not matter whether you are a beginner or an expert everyone would enjoy the game regardless of their gaming experience. It is one of the quickest gaming platforms in the nation. Deccan Rummy never feels boring because of the constant availability of catchy promotions and offers.

There are guidelines which would help beginners to play the game in an easier manner rather than stumbling upon options. There are various rewards and offers available when the players reach higher levels.


Tournament : High-end tournaments are organized here so anyone can win while playing against another. These tournaments are not so tough that only a handful of players can win. So get ready and start enjoying these matches.

Security: The platform at Deccan Rummy is safe and sound. Players can play without being worried about their data. Their policy is user-friendly. The platform provides smooth navigation with quick withdrawals and cash deposits easily in their account.

Bonuses: From time to time there are tournaments where users can win several gifts and cash prizes. The promotions are available from low to high skill levels. Thus none has to worry about competing unfairly. There are also bonus codes available from which players can also win prizes. From the above, we can understand it is a fair tournament with prizes for all in the Deccan Rummy app.

Some bonuses offered in the Deccan Rummy app are:-

  • Welcome Bonus- Initially players get a 100% welcome bonus of up to 5000. So sign up today and start playing the rummy.
  • Sign up Bonus- Anyone who verifies their mobile number in the Deccan Rummy app will get a quick bonus of Rs.25. You can also earn money by sharing your referral code with your friends and other people.

Deposit and Withdraw:


  • If you are willing to add more cash to your profile go to My Account- Select Add Cash.
  • After selecting Add Cash to enter the amount you wish to keep and click on Add Cash.
  • The minimum amount you require to do the transaction is at least Rs. 100.
  • You will be redirected to the desired payment option once you submit the payment option required.
  • The payment will be done and a reference number will be regenerated. Keep the reference number with you in case of any problem arises.


  • You would require to do a deposit at least once to withdraw any amount further from your account.
  • Sign in on the Deccan Rummy app. Click on my account option.
  • Select Funds and click on the amount withdraw
  • Enter the amount of cash you wish to withdraw and click on Redeem Chips option.
  • Enter your bank details where you want to withdraw the funds.
  • Receive the funds in exactly within 3 to 5 days.

Leaderboards or Tournaments:

Deccan Rummy offers various types of leaderboards and tournaments. Two of them are the most popular:

  1. Free-roll Tournament: In these players have a chance to win 20 lakhs without spending anything. These tournaments are scheduled so that anyone can register and play them once they enter the site. Cash Bonus, reward certificates and new gadgets are up for winners in this tournament.
  2. Weekly Tournaments: This is a high-value tournament with cash prizes, gadgets, gold and expensive cars for winners on the plate.

Game Variants at Deccan Rummy:

  • Points Rummy- This type of rummy is the fastest way to play rummy online, and each match only lasts for one deal. It’s an excellent way to make some quick cash, as the starting value of each point is determined initially.
  • Deals Rummy- In this fun variation the highest possible score is determined at the beginning, and the prize pool is equal to the total amount of the players’ fixed entrance fees. The winner is the player who makes it to the top by making almost a minimum number of moves than others.
  • 101 Pool Rummy – The aim of this variation is to score more than 101 points before your opponent and thereby force them to be removed from the game. The game continues until success is declared.

Overall we can say that Deccan Rummy is a very interesting application. It is entertaining and yet full of exciting features at the same time. There are tournaments with rewards to cheer the competitors at all levels. To increase their morale we have more tournaments and a fair approach where every player can stand a chance to win something out of the game. Again there are various types of games which make the gameplay more interesting. Don’t wait and think, download now and start playing it.

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