Types Of Pomeranian Dog Price In India 2022

Are you a dog lover and looking for a perfect pet for your home? Then one breed that must be on your list is Pomeranian. This cute small dog breed is perfect as a home pet. They easily mixed up with your family and also needs less maintenance as compared to other popular dog breeds like Husky, Golden Retriever, etc.

Today in this article we will cover every piece of information related to this breed including pomeranian dog price in India. One important thing that you must keep in mind before purchasing this breed is that various breeders sell other dog breeds as white pomeranian.

Types of the Pomeranian

Generally, Pomeranians are classified into three types. However, if you want to adopt the pure breed then you must go with a standard-sized dog breed.ย 

Based on size and Weight

Miniature Pomeranian:

Pomeranian Miniature

They are small in size and are not the original breed. They weigh around 1-4 pounds and are usually less than 6 inches. Miniature pomeranian dog price in India varies between 3000 to 75000 INR. These are further classified as Toy Pomeranian, Pocket Pomeranian, and Teacup Pomeranian.

Standard Pomeranian:

Standard PomeranianThey weigh between 3-7 pounds and can be from 6 to 12 inches in height. It is accepted by all the major Kennel Clubs and the standard pomeranian dog price in India can vary between 5000 to 10000 INR.

Throwback Pomeranian:

Throwback PomeranianThey have a very attractive appearance and can weigh up to 20 pounds and can grow up to 20 inches. You can purchase this dog for between 10000 to 40000 INR.

Based on Appearance:

Fox Faced Pomeranian:

Fox Faced PomeranianFrom the name, it is clear that this dog breed looks like a fox. They have long hair and this breed of pomeranian dog price in India varies between 10000 to 25000 INR.

Teddy Bear Pomeranian:

Teddy Bear PomeranianTheir appearance resembles a teddy bear with a shorter face and abundant hair. The pocket dog price in India range varies between 10000 to 30000 INR.

Color: The pomeranian comes in a variety of colors like black, orange, cream, blue, brown, and black and pink teacup pomeranian.ย 

Traits ofย  Pomeranian Dog:

  • Their height can be between 12 to 22 inches.
  • They can weigh around 7 pounds
  • A normal pomeranian can give birth to 4 to 6 puppies
  • The life expectancy of a pomeranian dog is 11 to 16 years.

So, if you are interested in owning this cute and friendly dog. But worried about that how much Pomeranian prices in India? Then no worries as we will explain all the factors that influence its price in India.

Factors Influencing Pomeranian Dog Price in India

The Reputation of the Breeder: One major influencing factor is the reputation of the breeder. If you are buying the dog from an authentic and genuine breeder then definitely the black dog price in Delhi would be high. Because he will take proper care of the dog.ย 

But if you are buying from some pet shop or mill, then you may get it at a cheaper rate. Because their sole objective is to make money also there are chances that the breed may not be original.

The Location: If you are located in a metropolitan city like Delhi, Bombay, or Kolkatta then obviously the price will be high due to high living standards.

The Pomeranian price in India also depends upon the quality of breed, gender, for example, a male dog will cost you more as compared to a female dog due to its high demand, and lastly the type of training you need.

Demand and Supply: Like any other commodity the Pomeranian dog price in India is also influenced by the demand and supply cycle. More demand and less supply will make it costlier to own the breed and vice versa.

Coat: If you want a pomeranian with a beautiful coat then get ready to pay more as it will cost you more.

Feeding Cost of Pomeranian in India

If you are planning to adopt a pomeranian dog, then you must have a clear understanding of his food needs. Like a human the food needs of the dog also depend upon their age, a pomeranian puppy will consume less food as compared to a fully grown adult.ย 

Pomeranians can burn calories at a fast rate therefore you will have to feed them at regular intervals. The average cost of food can vary between 3000 to 4000 INR per year.

One important thing that you must keep in mind is this dog loves home-cooked food like rice, chapatis, and vegetables. Hence, if you will feed him on a home meal then the flooding cost can vary between 2000 to 3000 INR.

Vaccination Cost of a Pomeranian Dog

If you want your dog to be healthy then it is necessary to vaccinate him regularly. This will help him to stay protected from disease and germs attacks. Thie vaccination starts as early as 4 to 6 weeks which will continue up to 4 months of their age at a regular interval. The price of vaccination may vary from 4200 to 5000 INR.

Grooming Cost of Pomeranian in India

Grooming is equally important if you want him to stay healthy and attractive. A properly groomed pet is loved by all, secondly, there are also fewer chances of infection and diseases. Proper grooming includes cutting hair, and nails, dental check, applying wax on the paw, and bath.

If you want you can do the grooming at your own home by buying essentials from the various online stores. This will be somewhat an economical option. But there are various professional service providers available that can charge you between 1000 to 2000 INR on monthly basis.ย 

Cost of Toys and Treat

It is practically not possible to take care of your dog all around the clock. Therefore to keep him engaged you will have to buy high-quality dog toys. This becomes more important in the initial stage particularly when the teething phase is going on. The total expenses on toys can cost you up to 1000 INR on annual basis.

And if you want your dog to do tricks and follow your command, then you will have to train him. To do so you will need to treat him which will further cost you around 500 INR on monthly basis.


The overall pomeranian dog price in India is around 4000 INR monthly and is inclusive of all the expenses. But if you are looking for a family dog that is small in size and cute. Then there is no other alternative to this breed.

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