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The covid-pandemic period was such a difficult time. Unfortunately, it’s been harder to readjust to daily life after covid-pandemic. Traveling is such a big problem. The Maharashtra government established the universal passes or QR Code pass system, which was granted to healthcare professionals and critical services and acted as their identity card, to facilitate their access to railways and local trains during restricted times. 

This has been done because many citizens, primarily the healthcare staff, had used the regular local train or public transport services. In this article, we are going to provide you with all the information about this pass, its eligibility, etc. Let’s begin!

What Exactly is a Universal Pass?

The Central Government of India eventually decided to adopt the Universal Pass as a result of the positive response to the Disaster Management attempt by the State of Maharashtra to issue the pass to facilitate interstate travel. They can move more easily and remain longer in restaurants, malls, and other public locations due to the pass, which verifies their vaccination status. A level of travel category is assigned to the pass. The pass is used across the entire nation

What Makes Universal Passes a Good Initiative? 

Its primary goal is to make public transportation and simple access to all public locations for those who have received vaccinations, but it also has some other advantages:

  1.  Travel across states is easier
  2.  When a person is fully vaccinated, there is no need to carry a separate identity card.
  3.  Since the universal pass contains QR Code, there will be a decrease in cases of fraudulent identification or helps in identifying fake travelers. 
  4.  People who work in the medicinal or health or education sectors can simply travel across the nation.
  5.  By entering your Universal Pass ID into the Unreserved Ticketing System (UTS), you can book tickets more easily. (If your application does not work or requests the ID, you can update it from the Google Play Store or the Apple App Store.)
  6.  It is practical to display the pass when traveling, and it guarantees security.
  7.  The difficulty of repeated RT-PCR testing and their verification is avoided.
  8.  It guarantees that all individuals have access to emergency and necessary services, particularly in their time of need.

Eligibility of Universal Travel Pass

To apply, users must be eligible.

  1.  You are an Indian citizen.
  2.  The UTP is not available to children.
  3.  Only people who work in the healthcare, education, or public service sectors can apply for UTP.
  4.  You must be an adult, which means you must be 18 years old or above.
  5.  You must give the authorities the necessary information if you wish to register for UTP.
  6.  You should receive the COVID vaccine in two doses.
  7.  Two weeks, or 14 days, should have elapsed since the second dose.

What Does it Include?

It consists of:

  1. Applicant’s name
  2.  Applicant’s gender and age
  3. Category of travel
  4.  One picture
  5.  One QR Code
  6.  Date of the initial dosage
  7.  Date of the second dose’s injection
  8.  ID of the applicant’s beneficiary

What Documents are Necessary to Apply For a Universal Passes?

Here is the list of documents that are required to apply for this pass:

  1. Voter ID card and Aadhar card 
  2. Government ID evidence
  3. Registration Id
  4.  Commercial Papers of a Registered Company
  5.  Official Mobile Number

How Can One Use The Official Website to Apply For a Universal Pass?

The following are the steps you may follow to apply for universal pass by using the official website:

  1. Go to the Universal Pass official site first at epassmsdma. 
  2.  From the options, choose “Universal Pass for twice vaccinated.” After that, an application form will appear.
  3.  When you enter your mobile number, you will receive an OTP on your number.
  4.  Enter the OTP, then select “Generate Pass.”
  5.  The page will display all of your information. You need to fully check whether all are correct or not. 
  6.  On the form, select “Upload Photo.” Choose the image on your device. Keep in mind that your image is less than 3MB in size before uploading it.
  7. To apply, tap the “Apply” button. 
  8.  Within a day (24 hours) of submitting the form, will receive the registered number. 
  9.  You can go to the website and get your Universal Pass after receiving the SMS.
  10.  Tap “View Pass,” then select “Universal Pass Download.”

How Do I Use Telegram To Apply For a Universal Pass?

The Telegram App is another tool telegram can utilize to submit their applications for universal passes. On Telegram, use the search box to look up @MahaGovUniversalPassBot. Your screen displays the same type. Following the verification, you will receive an SMS to your registered mobile phone number or a link through Telegram to download your Universal Pass. 

How Do Establishments Apply For The Universal Pass?

An establishment can follow these steps for applying for this pass:

  1.  Visit the official site.
  2. Navigate to the home page and select “UTP.”
  3.  Then tap on Register your Establishment.
  4.  The screen would show a form. Enter all of your information accurately. If necessary, double-check them.
  5.  For information about the employees, such as name, department, phone number, etc., you can ask the coordinator for help.
  6.  The employee will receive an SMS for confirmation.
  7.  The site now allows members to access it using their phone numbers.
  8.  A sharp and recognizable picture of the candidate must be uploaded when you have successfully registered.
  9.  After 24 hours of the picture being uploaded, the Pass gets generated.
  10.  The Universal Pass is finally available for download.


1) Is it applicable to every part of India?

It’s true that the pass, which Maharashtra initially introduced, was initially solely valid in the state. But now that India’s Central government has finally adopted it, the universal pass is usable everywhere in the nation.

2) What does universal travel pass Travel Category Level 3 mean?

If a level 3 limitation has been put on the state, a traveler with a level 3 or above travel pass can freely travel without any restrictions.


The universal passes are surprisingly a wonderful initiative. These passes are primarily benefiting the medicinal or education and health sector. We hope you got all the details about UTP.

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