4 Video Marketing Strategies For Institutions

Institutions are utilising video content in unique ways to attract the attention of potential students as the university admissions market gets more competitive. Traditional tactics are no longer sufficient; the higher education industry must adopt the newest and most innovative approaches to remain relevant in the eyes of stakeholders. Just the tip of the iceberg: virtual reality, interactive films, and compelling explainers.

College and university marketing and admissions experts are seizing the opportunity and polishing their production abilities to gain an edge over their competitors. Keep your higher education video marketing on track with these four tips.


Share a tale, no matter what kind of video you’re making. A fascinating narrative delivered poetically will elicit a considerably higher response from potential pupils than an informational display.

Use your best resources – what do you know best? – whether it’s student testimonials or clips from rousing speeches from your ceremonies. Make a virtual tour available to prospective students. When the content is inspirational and educational, people spend more time watching videos.


It isn’t a dearth of video content that is the issue for many schools. Creating a large amount of content is not a problem with today’s high-quality, relatively inexpensive cameras, drones, and smartphones. The lack of a centralised approach for defining and organising video enhances the story is an obstacle to great video marketing.

Schools benefit from a complete and coordinated video strategy and production that improves their brand and is provided consistently across a wide range of delivery channels, objectives, and audiences. The following are the requirements for videos:

A fundamental story, storyline, and theme are the foundation for a comprehensive video strategy and assetsβ€”a distribution-friendly paradigm.


You can upload a thumbnail to your video on both Facebook and YouTube. These thumbnails are an excellent method to pique visitors’ interest and get them excited about your movie before it begins to play.

Consider thumbnails as a crucial first impression

It has been discovered that taking the time to carefully select your thumbnail, whether on social media or in your email marketing campaigns, can increase your play rates. When choosing a thumbnail, stay away from a fuzzy, fast-moving image. The video’s thumbnail should imply that it is of excellent quality. Choose a different frame with a crisp and clear subject or environment.

Great thumbnails can start to convey a tale and show viewers what to expect next.

  • Make A Content Creation Schedule

Content production strategy will save you lots of time and money in the long term. You must know how movies will be made and filmed, whether you can plan with a flowchart or pen and paper.

You have a lot of content creation and post-production choices in the market. Opting a production company or an agency will take too much tension. They will handle all your planning and approvals; all you have to do is provide direction and watch them.

However, if you plan to do everything in-house, you’ll need to consider all of the procedures for a movie.

What is the significance of video marketing at this moment?

It’s never been more difficult to earn customers’ trust in a world full of fake news, ads, automation, and chatbot customer support. It’s no surprise that the video’s human interaction and authenticity appeal to many people.

Since its inception, video has been the world’s most popular and effective communication medium. So, why is it spreading like wildfire among DIY marketers? Because YouTube, smartphones, and social media have made video creation and access exceedingly cheap and simple.

Every month, more than 180 million internet users consume online video material, and the number continues to rise year after year. That’s a lot of folks that could be exposed to your message or learn more about your products and services.

Video Marketing Advantages

As it appeals to everyone, video marketing is one of the best kinds of marketing. There are numerous other advantages to devoting time, effort, and money to video marketing. So, let’s take a step by step look at the power of effective video marketing:


When people can see anything in real-time with no frills, they can see the product’s truth and how it fits into their lives. As a result, trust levels rise, increasing the chances of a sale. As a brand owner, showing who you are can also help you form relationships. Humans, not robots, are the ones who make purchases.


Finally, creating video content should be huge on your preferred schedule if you want to optimise your website and appear in search results. Ensure that you edit videos in such a way that it is well-optimized, and Google will reward you with a higher ranking on the search engine results page (SERP).


As a B2B owner, this is one of the nicest perks. Including videos on your product or service pages can boost conversion rates by 144 percent. Seeing your product or service in action can help you communicate the advantages of your bid in real-time, which leads to increased trust and more sales.

The Future has Arrived

  • The patterns are apparent, and the instruments are readily available.
  • The importance of storytelling has never been greater.
  • Virtually connecting is essential.
  • The importance of personalised experiences cannot be overstated.
  • Video is the media of the moment, and it will be for a long time.


The capacity to give fascinating content in personally meaningful and unforgettable ways will distinguish those who survive and thrive from those who do not.

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