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Barrister Babu is a daily soap opera Hindi TV serial, which aired on Colors TV. The show has a huge fan following because of its plot and actors. The First episode was telecasted on 11 February 2020 and its last episode aired on 12 November 2021. It is a social drama serial created by Shashi and Sumeet Mittal. A total of 408 episodes were aired in Hindi and Tamil language till 12th November 2021. The IMDb rating of the serial is 6.9 out of 10. If you are interested in learning more about the barrister babu written update in case you have missed any episode. Then don’t worry as there are various places where you can get a written update of barrister babu.

The Star Casts

The main star cast of the serials is Aurra Bhatnagar Badoi who appeared in 390 episodes as Bondita Das, Pallavi Mukherjee as Munshi, Jaya Thakur as a wife, and Naman Arora as Praveen. Ashish kaul  as Shivraj Bhaumik. There are various other castes associated with the show. Anchal Sahu and Pravisht Mishra play the lead role in the show. If you want to know the complete star cast then you can browse various entertainment websites that provide barrister babu written update. 

The Plot

The story starts in the pre-independence area. Anirudh is a 19-year young boy who has returned from London to the rural Bengal area of Tuslipur. The boy was influenced by the thoughts of Mahatma Gandhi and like him also wanted to wipe out the beliefs and customs that prevailed in the society. According to him, all this is an obstacle to the progress of women. The boy wants to marry his childhood friend and love mini.

On the other hand, there lives a poor 11-year-old girl, Bondita. Bondita lives with her widowed mother, uncle, aunt, and her cousins. Due to the financial burden, Bondita’s uncle and aunt decided to marry her to an eld erly man. At the same time, her uncle has fixed her daughter’s marriage to Anirudh’s best friend. But things changed when the elderly man died, Anirudh had no other option but to marry Bondita. He does so to save her from getting Sati.

Not just synopsis, but you can get more in depth analysis of each episode from the barrister babu written update from various websites. 

Now in continuation to above, Mini was not happy with Anirudh’s decision to marry Bondita. So, she planned to separate Anirudh and Bondita. But she failed and her plan was also revealed. After that Bondita became the first girl in Tulsipur to go to school. But tragedy follows her as Mini kidnaps her and hides her in a chemical factory. However, Saurabh Anirod’s friend came to know about this. He sacrificed his life to set Bondita free. After that Mini along with Saurabh’s father was arrested for kidnapping and an attempt to murder. 

It’s now 1929 and the British Parliament has passed the 1929 Child Marriage Restraint Act. To support this act Anirudh and Bondita decide to end their marriage. But destiny has decided something else, even after the separation, the two again unite. It was during her cousin’s wedding that Bondita finally decided to become a barrister.

Then Anirudh arrange to send Bondita to London to fulfill her dream of becoming a “barrister bahu”

Why Should You Watch Barrister Babu?

There are various reasons why one must watch Barrister Bahu. The written update of the barrister babu serial beautifully depicted the conditions of women in the country during the pre-pre-independence period. It shows that the society was male-dominated and as result, the women were undermined. The women at that time were overwhelmed by various social practices like Sati, child marriage, etc. All these have made their condition worse. 

The written episode barrister babu story depicts how a small girl from a village in West Bengal fulfilled her dream of becoming a barrister. It shows her determination, strength, and courage that shows how she fights against the stereotype society. She sets an example to other women and teaches them that girls are powerful and deserve every opportunity to pursue and achieve their dreams. 

The content of the show is unique and is very difficult to find on Indian Television. It has a good message associated with it. It has stopped the objectification of women. It also shows that a relationship between a husband and wife is much more than having babies. It neatly shows that both are part of one chariot and can move forward only when they work together. This is also very beautifully shown at barrister babu written update.

The show is very different from conventional saas-bahu serials, which portray women as negative and objectify them. Whereas Barrister Babu has shown the real power of girls. The show does not have any unnecessary drama.

The third reason to watch Barrister Babu is due to the unparalleled and one-of-a-kind chemistry between Anrirudh and Bondita. You will fall in love with the way Anirudh teaches Bondita the difference between good touch and bad touch, menstruation cycle, etc. There are numerous simple yet powerful scenes in the show which makes it a hit among viewers.

The Best Site For Barrister Babu Written Update

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