How To Play Dare Games For WhatsApp

In this technological world, everything has become easy, secure, and fast. Basically, in communication, we have several messaging applications using which we can communicate with our loved ones easily. In the status section, one can easily utilize the dare games for WhatsApp. Among all messaging applications, WhatsApp is one of them.

Besides chatting, and messaging WhatsApp includes lots of features like Dare games.Β More than this it also includes:

  • Games for friends with answers
  • Dare games for crushΒ 
  • Games for couples

Dare Games for Whatsapp

You need to know that WhatsApp dare game, people use to have some fun by challenging others to do something daring on WhatsApp. In this daring task, the status section of WhatsApp plays a major role.

You can face some challenges against darer creating some personal questions with the help of a URL link and sharing it on his WhatsApp status or to his friends in his WhatsApp contact list.

Answer those question comes to know about the fact whether the answers that he gave was correct or incorrect. Have a look at various daring game questions that people usually ask.

WhatsApp Games for Friends with Answers:

You can ask questions like this while playing WhatsApp Games with them.

You need 5 minutes to complete the WhatsApp Challenge below.

Example- All 26 L’ of A

Answer- All 26 Letters of Alphabet.

It’s finally your chance. Solve the below question as quickly as possible.


  • All 206 B in B
  • 24 H of the D
  • On a GC, there are 18 H
  • W’s 7 W
  • 7C of R


  • All 206 Bones in the Body
  • 24 Hours of the Day
  • On a Golf Course, there are 18 hours
  • World’s 7 wonders
  • 7 colors of rainbows

Dare Games for WhatsApp and Dare Games for Crush

To play daring games with your crush you can ask them a question such as Select one of these digits and you have to do something for me according to the tasks that I have selected for that particular digit.

You have to complete the task accordingly whatever you select, I dare you?

  • 8
  • 5
  • 3
  • 6
  • 9

Daring tasks for digits

  • Notify me about the first guy you ever kissed (8)
  • Recharge for 100 rupees on my mobile number (5)
  • Tell me anything you’ve rarely told anyone before (3)
  • Share with me one of your hilarious photos (6)
  • Write something about really unique in me (9)

WhatsApp Games for Couples

The couple can play WhatsApp games with each other by asking such questions:

Tell me, What I am for you? Choose one word from the list below, and I’ll inform you what you’ve chosen.

  • Cakes and pastries
  • Raspberry
  • Tea
  • Medicines
  • Alcohol


  • Cakes and pastries= You are my happy moment
  • Raspberry= You are the symbol of my existence
  • Tea= Need of the entire life
  • Medicine= Saviour
  • Alcohol= My addiction

Using such questions mentioned above, all friends, crushes, as well as couples can play WhatsApp daring games with each other to have fun and enjoy the taste of life with their loved ones on WhatsApp even without visiting each other.

WhatsApp games are helpful to keep alive the distance relationship make them feel and understand how well their loved ones know them.


In this busy scheduled life when no one has time to meet and spend time with their loved ones, social media has opened a new platform to interact with them and get in touch with them.

If you have no idea how you can make your interaction more interesting then you can open WhatsApp on your smartphones and try and enjoy your moment interestingly with your loved ones. The sampled questions in this article will help you as a guide in this game.

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