Is Mobile Phone A Boon Or Bane

In this technological world, we are using lots of devices. The entire humanity is revolved around devices and gadgets about the disadvantages of mobile phones. The basic common gadget of this technology is our mobile phone. The use of this device can be both a boon or bane.

There are many merits and demerits of mobile phones about which we will know in this article. We will also get knowledgeable of the way to protect us from being habituated to mobile phones.

Disadvantages of Mobile Phones

  • More uses of mobile phones will not leave you a single minute to play outdoor games or to do external activities in your daily life
  • A mobile phone can bring a full stop to your physical activities and it can kill your actual working speed
  • While working, if you will see mobile phones more then, it may cause a lot of wastage of your working hours and precious time
  • It can take away the happy moments of your life, like your childhood, your young age it will make you older much earlier than your actual age
  • Phone can make a bad impact on your eyes and take away your better sleep as well
  • Also, it can damage your health physically and psychologically
  • Make you separate from fellowship and your loved ones
  • Impacted several businesses and industries

The above-mentioned points are the disadvantages of mobile phones that is helpful to know you well how it can make a bad impact on your life. But you must know its advantages too. Because every coin has two sides, one is positive and another is negative.

The positive side will motivate you to use such devices and the negative side will demotivate you towards it. Here are some points that will let you know the advantages of mobile phones.

Mobile Phone Advantages

You have already read about the advantage of mobile phones above but have you ever thought that if mobile phones are making a bad impact on you then on other the other hand it is providing you lots of services and allowing you to utilize it completely.

  • Made you smarter and faster than your actual capability
  • Phone can save your most of the time and can make your works easier
  • This device can give you some relaxing time instead of wasting your time doing unnecessary hard work
  • You do not need to carry lots of gadgets with you for every small requirement because you can get everything on a single mobile phone
  • You can stay connected with your loved ones anytime, anywhere. It doesn’t matter how far your loved ones are from you
  • You need not worry about your money that anybody can still it from you. You need not carry your purse with you always because you can do transactions using your mobile phones
  • If anybody takes your mobile phone then that thief will get nothing because your all-confidential information and payment options are password protected
  • You need not go anywhere to do bill payments for electricity, or water, and all your basic services. It helps you to avoid facing unnecessary ques for such things

These points are the advantages of mobile phones. You can find several advantages and disadvantages of mobile phones. But still, you must have been confused that you should use mobile phones or not.

How it Can Impact 

The best answer for your confusion regarding the usage of mobile phones is, you should use mobile in a balanced way then it will only benefit you instead you disadvantaging you.

Not only mobile phone rather if you will use anything a lot, then it will make a bad impact on you. In the same context, we should use mobile phones but with some limitations.

If we will use it limitedly then it is good for us otherwise it, we have only disadvantages of mobile phones. You should develop a habit to not touch your mobile unless its use is very urgent to you. You should avoid using mobile when you are with your loved ones.

Notification sounds can distract your happy moments so you can put your mobile phone in silent mode. This option has been provided on mobile phones minding your happy moments that you do not get disturbed unnecessarily. So, you must utilize this facility.


Mobile phones have merits and demerits. A mobile phone’s advantages and disadvantages depend on how you are using it. To get the benefit of mobile phone you should you have some good habits and know the better use of it. So, be careful and enjoy your mobile phone safely.

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