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Happiness is something that every human is in search of. According to the Greek philosopher, Happiness is the meaning and the only purpose of human existence. In terms of definition, it is a wide term and is often related to human behavior like joy or a sense of satisfaction. If you are looking for the answer to the question where I can find happiness? then you are at the right place. Because in this article we will tell you exactly ways that can bring happiness to your life. But before that let’s find out how we can promote happiness in our life.

Ways to Promote Happiness in Your Life:

The first thing that you must keep in my if you want a happier life is you need to switch to a healthier lifestyle. You can achieve this by eating a healthy diet, which is more balanced and nutritious. You can also adopt a healthy daily routine which consists of morning walks and exercise on regular basis.

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What is the Reason Behind My Happiness?

Have you noticed within your surrounding that some people are always happy what so ever be the situation while others feel depressed and have a hard time feeling happy? 

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Although happiness depends upon various things like your state of mind, your current situation, your lifestyle, and your financial conditions. Some people may feel happy while giving back to society by helping the underprivileged, while others may feel happy while having their favorite food or listening to their favorite music.

But it’s not just our actions that regulate our emotions. Our brain plays a major role in this when we are happy then it releases a certain chemical that makes us happy. It is this chemical that stimulates the happiness receiptors as a result we feel joyful. 

Actually, chemistry is quite complex as there is no single chemical that is responsible for our happiness. But we can say that serotonin is a chemical that is the main constituent of the puzzle. Hope now you got the answer to your question what is the reason of my happiness?

Where Can I Find Happiness?

Every individual is unique with different objectives and lifestyles. They also have different approaches and expectations from life. Therefore they can find happiness in different life situations. But according to most people earning a good amount of salary is what makes them happy. 

If your life is not going as per your plan then also do not worry, we will tell you different ways of finding happiness in your life.

  1. Less expectance: According to Buddha, the main reason behind the sorrow and sadness of human beings is their desire. If you have control over your desire your life becomes happy and satisfied. The expectation is the mother of desire, if you have fewer expectations then you will have the low desire. 
  2. Enjoy your work: Today human life is all about working and earning money. But as matter of fact, the majority of people don’t enjoy their work. Apart from salary job satisfaction and a sense of recognition is equally important. Even if you work at a place that pays you well but lacks social security and job satisfaction you will not be a happy guy. Therefore always enjoy your work and do whatever you like the most.  
  3. Accept the Good: Weather you are fully fleshed or you are just surviving whatever your situation our life is full of ups and downs. Good and bad things happen at regular intervals, and the best way to cope with life is to accept and welcome the good things how small they may be. Because it will always be where i can find my happiness.what is the reason of happiness
  4. Imagine the best: It is possible that life doesn’t go the way we want but to be happy we must be optimistic and look forward to doing new things with a vision to get successful in what we do. Because imagining is the initial and most important step for achieving it.
  5. Listen to your heart: where I can find happiness? is something that hunts you then the best solution is to listen to your heart and do what it likes. In this way, you will see that you get immense pleasure and your life will be filled with joy and energy. Because only a few with guts do this while most of us get exhausted in just earning bread.what is the reason behind my happiness
  6. Be open to change: Sometimes just sticking to one pattern doesn’t work, therefore we must be open to change as this will fill up with more positive energy. It also helps us to move forward in our lives and teaches us new life experiences. This way you can evolve yourself by learning new skills.

Work Towards its Fulfillment: Where I Can Find Happiness

So, we hope that by now you must have a clear answer to the question of where I can find happiness?. But sometimes you may feel that it is not in your reach but that’s not true. If we continuously work towards its fulfillment then there is nothing that we can achieve. It is also possible that happiness may be along with you throughout the journey. Therefore all you have to do is to spare some time to realize it.

People today think that they drive happiness through materialistic things like driving a new car or buying the latest gadgets. But that’s not true at all finding real happiness is all together is a very different and strange feeling.

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One important step in where I can find happiness is to surround yourself with people who are always happy. According to data published in 2008, it was found that people’s happiness level depends upon the people around them. People who are surrounded by happy people were happier in present as well as in the future. This study further reveals that if your friends are happy then there are 25 percent chances that you will be also happy.

Final Words

While concluding we will suggest that if your question is where I can find happiness the answer is to appreciate your work and accomplish your every achievement. Sometimes looking in the past can also help you to find the solution.

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  1. This is a great blog post! I’ve been looking for ways to find happiness and this is a great list of steps to follow. Thanks for sharing!

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