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Indian serials are filled with drama, love, and emotions. There are various serials that are also very inspiring. These serials are suitable for people of all age groups. Kumkum Bhagya is one such great serial that was aired on Zee Tv one of India’s leading entertainment platforms. If you are also a fan of this serial and wants to get the latest Kumkum Bhagya written updates then you better stick to this article. As we will let you know about all the websites from where you get these updates.   

Why read Kumkum Bhagya written updates?

There are various reasons why you should read Kumkum Bhagya written episode on various websites. These updates are written so nicely that you will feel as if you are watching the serial another reason for reading written updates of Kumkum is you can even read it during your office hours. As it is in the form of blogs and contains the latest updates about the serials. The publishing team updates them with the latest information on a regular basis. Kumkum Bhagya written updates are written in the English language hence, it is convenient for those who are not comfortable with Hindi. As they can still enjoy the serials at their own ease and comfort.

Apart, from the serials updates, these websites provide various information, news, gossip, and spoilers of all the popular serials, web series, movies, and personalities.Kumkum Bhagya written updates tell interesting stories of your favorite characters that will make you laugh and will update you about the latest trend in the industry. 

Before telling you that from where you can get Kumkum Bhagya written updates, we will brief you on the serial. The serial is an Indian drama that was aired on ZeeTv on April 15th, 2014. The show was produced and directed by Ekta Kapoor under the banner of Balaji Telefilms. The main stars cast of the show are Sriti Jha and Shabir Ahluwalia.

The Plot of the Serial 

The story is about two sisters Pragya and Bulbul and their mother who wants to see them married. Pragya got married to rockstar Abhishek whereas, Bulbul got married to his friend Purab. But destiny has something else, in the mind. Bulbul dies and on the other hand, Abhi and Pragya’s married life started to be filled with various ups and downs, and sadly, they both got separated as Abhi blames Pragya for his Dadi’s death.

After a leap, a serial move seven years ahead where Pragya has a daughter Kiara and she is also leaving in London. After few times, she came back to Delhi where she coincidentally met to Abhi. Kiara was killed by the enemies which left Pragya and Abhi left heartbroken. They again started blaming each other for their separation and Kiara death’s.

Kumkum Bhagya updates is based on the television show after reading these updates you will never leave it. 

Get Written Updates at the Convenience of your Home

Kumkum Bhagya is the longest tv serial that is capable of entertaining the audience for more than decades. It has been able to top the TRP list because of its interesting plots and twist and turns. The lead role played by the actors Shahbir and Sriti is perfect and has very strong chemistry which is also a reason behind the popularity of the serial.

Due to all these things the serial has become an integral part of one’s life. Not in America, the serial has got its own international audience who really enjoy reading Kumkum Bhagya written episodes.

Popular Characters in Kumkum Bhagya

Some of the famous characters of Kumkum Bhagya are 

Shruti Jha, is the most popular character of not only Kumkum Bhagya but also on Indian television Pragya who is the elder daughter is hard working and started her career as a teacher in college. She is independent, strong, and hard working lady who is committed to support her family. She plays the role of Pragya Arora Mehra the elder daughter of Sarla and Raghuveer. She is also played other important roles like Shristi’s Sister, Abhi’s Wife, Prachi and Rhea Mother’s. She was active from 2014 – 2021. 

Shabir Ahuwaliya is one of the leading character of the serial who had played a role of Abhishek AKA Abhi Mehra. He was active in the serial from 2014-2021.

Mugdha Chathekar who appeared as Prachi Arora. She appear in the serial for the first time in 2019 and then can be seen on various occasion in the serials. 

The best Site for Kumkum Bhagya written updates

There are plenty of websites on which you can read Kumkum Bhagya written updates. There are various personal blogs from which you can also read these written episodes Kumkum Bhagya updates. Some most popular websites where you can read these written updates of Kumkum Bhagya are:

  3. www.

Another Popular website for written episodes Kumkum Bhagya


Reason why Kumkum Bhagya is popular        

Abhi Pragya’s chemistry: As told previously that the chemistry between Abhi and Pragya is portrayed on screen is awesome and mindblowing. It seems like they are just made from each other. You can get more updates about their personal life on Kumkum Bhagya’s written updates website.

Powerful Performances: Not just the lead star cast but also other supporting stars’ cast performances are very natural and authentic. The stars are very talented even the new joining are doing a fabulous job.  

Romance with a touch of Humor: The serials are filled with various ups and downs, dream sequences, and romantic movements which have great humor in them. As a result, it keeps the audience interested and engaging.

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