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If you are a movie addict and love to watch web series and Tv shows also without spending a penny, and without any language barrier i.e. you can watch Hollywood and Bollywood movies or shows, Then this should be a perfect app for you. pikashow apk download lets you watch world wide content through its mobile application.

You can watch your favorite movies, live channels, web series, and tv shows using this app on your android, iPhone, or windows device.

What is the Pikashow App

pikashow apk -- download

Pikashow apk – download is a 3rd-party Television & Multimedia streaming app platform. This app features all the latest Movies, Television Shows, Web Series, and Live TV and you can also watch all the  IPL Matches live. It not only allows people to watch content all over the world. But also allows you to download the content as well.  

But for downloading you have to install any of the three download managers suggested by the pikashow apk – free download 2022.

Currently, the latest version is v10.7.9 which is around 10.8 MB in size. There are many streaming apps like, Hotstar, Netflix, and Prime Video. However, if you want free entertainment and all of this stuff in one place, pika show is the best app for you.

How to use the Pika Show?

So why are you waiting here are the steps to pikashow apk download. The latest version is  v10.7.9 which is approximately 10.8 MB in size. It requires a device working on Android 5.0 Lollipop or above. Pikashow apk-download has reached over 10 million. is rated 4.7 stars by its users. This rating shows that it is a must-download app.

Instructions for getting Pikashow Apk Download on Android

1 – Before downloading the pikashow apk – download, go to your browser and enable the download of APKs from unknown sources. Or if you chose not to do this in the very beginning, go into your phone settings and look for a setting called “device administration,” and then select “enable unknown sources.”

2 – Open your browser, visit the pikashow apk – download the website, and click download.

3 – If you have not performed Step 1 before, a popup will appear saying “Do you want to install the pikashow  apk anyway?” If so, tap on yes and click on the install button.

4 – You Can Now Use the pikashow  App

5 – Find a file manager on your phone and open the “APK” folder. Open the pikashow  apk and then press “Install pikashow  Application.”

6 – The pikashow apk – download is successfully downloaded now.

7 – After creating the APK file, you should delete it to avoid wasting your device’s memory.

8 – pikashow is free and has some great features.

How to Start the Pikashow App on Fire TV

1 – Find out how pikashow is available for download on Amazon App Store.

2 – Get the pikashow app.

3 – After installing pikashow, open it and give the permissions it requests.

4 – Go to the settings, then select Fire Stick settings

5 – To install unknown apps, select “Developer Options” and then “Install Unknown Apps” from the “My Fire TV” menu.

6 – Switch ON the Downloader which allows you to install third-party apps.

7 – Under the Apps section, Open the downloader. Type the search term.

8 – Download the pikashow apk from the official website.

9 – Install pikashow  apk

10 – What to do if the pikashow apk won’t download? Delete it.

11 – If it asks to activate unknown sources, go to the settings and do it.

12 – Go to the home screen and choose pikashow.

13 – pikashow App may be available there.

Pikashow for Android TV

To get pikashow on your Android TV or Smart TV, follow these instructions.

Turn on your Android TV, after that go to the instructions

  1. Search for the “Downloader” on the Play Store.
  2. Download and install the first “Downloader” app.
  3. After installation is finished, open it and provide all the permissions.
  4. If asks to activate “Unknown Sources,” then go to settings and activate it.
  5. Open the downloader under the apps section.
  6. enter your search term in the URL bar
  7. pikashow .app is the real URL. Browse it in the browser. Download pikashow apk – download.
  8. Install it.
  9. If it goes back to the downloading app, then click Delete.
  10. If asked to activate “Unknown Sources,” go to Settings and do it.
  11. Go to the Home Screen.
  12. pikashow apk – Free download will be available there.

Latest Version of the Pikashow  App

The latest version is  v10.7.9. It is approximately 10.83 MB in size. It requires an android smartphone working on Android 5.0 Lollipop or above. 

Features of Pikashow Apk – Download

Some best features are mentioned here that you are going to get in the latest pikashow application.

Download Video anytime for Free

pikashow lets you download videos to view later on your smartphone. Just download the 1DM Downloader, choose any video from the pikashow app – download, click Download, and the video will start downloading using the 1DM Downloader app. 

Best Visual Quality with Adjustable Options

It offers the highest possible HD video quality. It seamlessly plays every video in excellent resolution; you may change the video quality from 240p to 4K depending on the speed of your internet connection. 

Every Content is Available in one Apk

It has videos from all of the OTT platform content, which includes movies, web series, live TV, and shows, among other things. All the stuff is free!

Is the Pikashow Apk – Download 2022 App Safe or not?

Yes, it is safe, because it does not store any of your data. And so does not cause any problems with your phones or being hacked or corrupted.

Cons of the Pikashow Apk Applications

The pikashow apk is a safe application there are various reasons which make this application popular. But at the same time, there are also various reasons why one must avoid using this application. Some cons of this app are 

  • Less technical support
  • Include ads
  • Server Error
  • High-Speed Internet

Top Alternatives for Pikashow App -free Download

  1. Hotstar 
  2. MX Player
  3. JioCinema 
  4. Zee5 
  5. MiniDV By Amazon 
  6. Tubi TV 
  7. Plex 


pikashow app – free download is an app that gives you free access to thousands of movies, web series, tv shows, and other videos. You don’t have to give any fees to watch your favorite shows or movie, even you can watch live IPL matches on it. It also does not store your data, so no chances of hacking or virus attack are there. Just download it and enjoy what you like to watch!


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